About Us

What We Do

TEC specialises in the design, electrical engineering and installation of lighting and other electrical solutions for commercial and retail environment, including:

  • Solutions that integrate with, and enhance overall design concepts
  • Optimal integrity of design and implementation
  • Cost and time efficiencies through streamlined processes

TEC's total package of commercial and retail services includes:

  • Professional consultancy
  • Concept development and design
  • Engineering, procurement and installation
  • Service and maintenance


Since commencement of trade in 1992, TEC has grown into a nationwide company operating out of our head office in Sydney.

TEC has installed lighting solutions for over a million square meters of the country's most prestigious retail spaces through numerous refurbishments and the store projects.

The company's share holders are committed to the company's ethos of delivering timely, high quality, and cost effective products safely and efficiently.

TEC is proud of its experienced and trusted staff and their dedication over many years to our Clients and their projects.

TEC is commmited to an equal opportunity policy for all new and existing employees and actively promotes advancement, learning and growth at all levels of the business.

The Powerful Solution for All Your Electrical Needs

With TEC you're working in partnership with a team of experienced professionals. You have the continuity of contact that will protect the integrity of your project from concept to final commissioning.

Over the years TEC has established strong relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and industry statutory bodies. We are committed to assuring our Clients optimum quality in workmanship and materials and timely execution of your project.

Highlighting Your Needs

TEC has installed lighting solutions for a million square metres of the country's most prestigious retail spaces through refurbishment and new installations. This has given us a unique understanding of the special needs of a wide variety of retail environments.

Consultation is a key element of our work process. Our design team meets regularly with each Client to plan and then monitor their project. As commercial and retail experts our unique understanding enables us to deliver for you the most innovative, design-appropriate and cost efficient solution for any situation while keeping you informed and involved throughout the process.

We recognise commercial and retail establishments are functioning businesses, so we plan all refurbishments in a manner that ensures you can continue operating and keep your customers served at all times.

Your Merchandise in the Spotlight

TEC's design professionals understand the subtleties of the interaction of light, colour and textures. We can devise the best lighting solution to optimise the visual impact of merchandise, statement points and the complete commercial and retail environment. We know how lighting can enhance finishes and surfaces to create the mood that reflects your image and market niche, whether you're refurbishing an existing space or creating a completely new interior.

We respect the past and build for the future. TEC has experience in accommodating the special requirements of heritage interiors and developing sensitive lighting solutions. We are also committed to the energy conservation requirements of our Clients and the industry.

Focus on Quality

TEC has a complete commitment to quality throughout the project. Our Clients can be confident that the quality of design, workmanship and components will not be compromised at any stage.

TEC has developed a stringent Quality Assurance program. It's strategies like these that help us attract and retain the most committed, professional personnel in the industry which in turn ensures you receive the best quality workmanship on your project.